Cactus Alarm Unit

The Cactus Alarm Unit provides an audible and visual alarm that can be used for low level Hopper Alarm or on any equipment the has a closing relay output

Cactus Super Filter


The Cactus Super Filter was developed specifically for use with any of the available models of Cactus Super dryers. Constructed of aluminum, it attaches quickly and easily. Once attached the Super Filter is immediately operational and begins collecting any dust and fines emitted from the venturi on the Cactus Super Dryer.

The housing is a two piece design which allows for easy cleaning. Inside is a special mesh that traps dust and fines while allowing air to escape, eliminating any back pressure

The fines collect in an easily removable cup at the base of the Super filter. The Cactus Super Filter was designed specifically with Cactus Super Dryer owners in mind. It is a must for regrind and clean room environment applications.