About the Dryers

The compact Cactus Super Dryer mounts directly onto the molding machine replacing the conventional hopper. It warms up with the molding machine and starts processing immediately, and continuously. Hours of pre drying are eliminated.
Cut energy consumption dramatically
The faster more efficient drying process of the Super Dryer cuts energy use by as much as 80% compared with conventional dehumidifying dryers. That means substantial savings. Compact low maintenance design Super Dryers have no moving parts to wear out. Nothing to adjust and service. No motors or blowers to wear out. Since no desiccant is required, regeneration is unnecessary. And the Super Dryer disassembles quickly for easy cleaning.Fully backed with our “Performance Guarantee”

We are so confident in our ability to dry your material, the Super Dryer is sold with our performance guarantee. Provided it is sized properly for your application, should the Cactus not dry it, we’ll take it back!